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::SAMPLE SALE:: Red Black and White Headgear ::READY SHIP!::

Sale price $219.00 Regular price $249.00
::SAMPLE SALE:: Red Black and White Headgear ::READY SHIP!::
::SAMPLE SALE:: Red Black and White Headgear ::READY SHIP!::
::SAMPLE SALE:: Red Black and White Headgear ::READY SHIP!::
::SAMPLE SALE:: Red Black and White Headgear ::READY SHIP!::

:This listing is Ready Ship! It's in stock and waiting to be delivered to you

This item has been discounted because of a bit of shelf wear and has been used in photos. You will receive the exact item that is in the photographs. :


Modular LED Visor System.

The ear pieces are removable from the visor to allow the user to swap out different visors or miss-match different ear pieces to create new looks. (other visors and ear pieces not shown are not included)

The ears are hollow so you can wear your own earbuds inside (earphones NOT included!)

The chin strap is removable.

The elastic top strap and chin strap are adjustable. 

The ear pieces slide back and forth to adjust to different size wearers.

The faux "wires" on the front are removable and can be changed out with other colors (different colors not shown are not included in this listing)

The LED lights in the ears are removable and open source.

The ears and nose are padded with medical grade silicone.


This listing includes

2 ear pieces with wings right and left ear

1 visor with padded nose, ears and elastic top strap

1 removable optional chin strap

2 removable LED lights

1 spare part kit

1 set of faux decorative wires



Other items shown such as the pendant not included.

The faux "wires" lacing may vary in colors due to dye lots and have discolorations on the lighter colors. This is due to them being sold and shipped together in assortments and is not a defect.

Colors may vary slightly due to batch lots and dye lots.

Care instructions. Plexiglas is somewhat flexible but brittle. Avoid dropping and handle with care. Wipe clean with an eyeglass cloth and eyeglass cleaner spot clean only do not submerge. Avoid using cleaner on painted etched details. Avoid solvents and dyes.





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